Index of CF Trac Tickets

This index is a static HTML page copied and edited from the output of a Trac query. The CF Trac website is no longer active. The index and archive of tickets have been edited to remove #120-#122 and #124-#137 because these were spam.

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1 Convert CF Conventions to DocBook XML closed halliday1 task medium Website Transition
#2 Setup for CF Subcommittees closed halliday1 task medium Website Transition
#3 CF Standard Name Table Migration closed halliday1 task medium Website Transition
#4 Archive cf-metadata mailing list closed halliday1 task medium Website Transition
#5 Forward old website to new website closed halliday1 task medium Website Transition
#6 Unstructured Grids Vocabulary Request closed task medium Unstructured Grid Data Model
#7 Unstructured Grids SuperGrid Requirements closed enhancement medium Unstructured Grid Data Model
#8 Identifying horizontal coordinate variables using the axis attribute closed enhancement medium
#9 Extensions to CF grid mapping attributes to support coordinate reference system properties closed enhancement low
#11 A standard for CF variable names ("short names") should be added. closed enhancement medium
#12 Formula terms for ocean_sigma_coordinate are incorrect closed kyle defect medium
#13 Procedure for correcting errors in the CF documents closed enhancement medium
#14 Allow time coordinates to be stored as a W3C / ISO 8601formatted String closed enhancement medium
#15 Correct Appendix A for flag_values attribute closed defect medium
#16 unnecessary & confusing variable in example 7.7 closed defect medium
#17 Remove ambiguity in cell_methods, especially means over subgrid areas closed enhancement medium
#18 Additions and Revisions to CF Grid Mapping Attributes (v2.0) closed enhancement medium
#19 Standard Name Modifiers closed ros defect medium
#20 Incorrect parsing of flag_values attribute closed ros defect medium
#21 Coordinate Types/Systems checks for CF-1.1 closed task medium
#22 missing_value & _FillValue bug fix closed ros defect medium
#23 Amendments to CF Conventions documents closed defect medium
#24 Common Concept: vocabulary with mapping to CF attributes new enhancement medium
#25 Correction in Conventions document, table 3.1 closed defect medium
#26 Enhance CF flag definitions to support bit fields closed russ enhancement medium Website Transition
#27 Use namespace tags to include other conventions in netcdf files without repeating them in CF accepted edavis enhancement medium
#28 Correct recommended units for lat and lon closed defect medium
#29 Common Concept subtopic: CDL as constraint language new enhancement medium
#30 One reference to Appendix C should actually reference Appendix D closed defect medium
#31 Proposal for standard attributes actual_min and actual_max closed enhancement medium
#32 Ambiguity in text discussing auxiliary coordinate variables closed defect medium
#33 cell_methods for statistical indices closed jonathan enhancement medium
#34 Add new grid mappings closed enhancement medium
#35 delete "associated" in CF standard, chapter 5, introduction, paragraph 3 closed defect medium
#36 Correction proposed to subsection headings of Appendix D closed defect medium
#37 Conventions for Point Observation Data closed stevehankin enhancement medium
#38 Coordinate Systems checks for CF-1.1 new task medium
#39 Error in check of units attribute for coordinate variables closed defect medium
#40 CF Checker falls over when standard_name attribute is the empty string. closed defect medium
#41 Upgrade CF checker to CF-1.3 closed ros task medium
#42 Amendments to CF Conformance document closed defect medium
#43 Upgrade CF checker to CF-1.4 closed ros task medium
#44 clarify that coordinates indicate gridpoint location closed defect medium
#45 Conventions attribute should have value "CF-1.4". closed defect medium
#46 Support for thematic data? closed task medium
#47 error in example 7.4 closed defect medium
#48 Minor typo in equivalent_reflectivity_factor definition closed apamment defect low
#49 Clarification of flag_meanings attribute closed jonathan enhancement medium
#50 Upgrade CF Checker to use CDAT-5.x and udunits2 closed ros task medium
#51 syntax consistency for dimensionless vertical coordinate definitions closed defect low
#52 Clarification of _FillValue attribute closed defect medium
#53 Incorrect error when missing_value and _FillValue are NaN new defect medium
#54 CF Checker crash in chkAttribute closed ros defect medium
#55 specify that CF uses UDUNITS-2 closed defect medium
#56 typo in CF conventions doc closed defect medium
#57 Fix for broken URLs in CF Conventions document closed defect medium
#58 Remove deprecation of "missing_value" attribute closed defect medium
#59 Conventions for radial RADAR and LIDAR data new enhancement medium
#60 CF Checker Version 2.0.1 closed task medium
#61 2 new cell methods closed enhancement medium
#62 scalar auxiliary coordinate clarifications closed defect high
#63 GRIDSPEC: aggregation of block-structured and time dependent data closed enhancement medium
#64 Section 7.3 editorial correction: replace attribute "cell_bounds" with "bounds" closed defect medium
#65 new cell_methods of "range" closed enhancement medium
#66 conformance requirement for standard name modifiers closed davidhassell defect medium
#67 remove "missing value" attribute deprecation in Appendix A closed defect low
#68 CF data model and reference implementation in Python new enhancement medium
#69 Specification of Coordinate Reference System properties in Well-Known Text format closed enhancement medium
#70 Connecting coordinates to Grid Mapping variables closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#71 Correction of Vertical perspective projection closed davidhassell defect medium
#72 Adding the geostationary projection. closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#73 Rename Appendix G as Appendix Z accepted davidhassell defect medium
#74 Allow sharing of ancillary variables among multiple data variables closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#75 fix documentation and definitions of 3 grid mapping definitions closed davidhassell defect medium
#76 More than one name in Conventions attribute closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#77 Add sinusoidal projection closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#78 CF aggregation rules new enhancement medium
#79 Handling and formatting of vector quantities in CF reopened enhancement medium
#80 Add missing CF parameters to translate Coordinate Reference System properties to/from OGC Well-Known Text format closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#81 new standard names for surface aerosol optical properties closed enhancement medium
#82 Extend cell_methods attribute to document multi-step operations on a variable new enhancement medium
#83 test jfp closed painter1, defect medium
#84 test 2 closed defect medium
#85 Link Appendix H from section 9, and clarify missing data requirements closed davidhassell defect medium
#86 Allow coordinate variables to be scaled integers closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#87 Allow comments in coordinate variables closed davidhassell defect medium
#88 Terms of Reference for the CF Data Model closed davidhassell task medium Unstructured Grid Data Model
#89 standard names for vector components closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#90 Collection of CF enhancements for interoperable applications new enhancement medium
#91 review of standard_names for interoperability new task medium
#92 Add oblique mercator projection closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#93 Two new dimensionless vertical coordinate specifications for s coordinate ocean models closed enhancement low
#94 Proposal for a CF String Syntax (CFSS) accepted lowry enhancement medium
#95 Development of CF 1.5 Data Model new task medium
#96 Julian/Gregorian calendar name and constraints new enhancement medium
#97 Multiple staggers in GRIDSPEC new enhancement medium
#98 Clarify constraints on ancillary variable use new defect medium
#99 Taxon Names and Identifiers new enhancement high
#100 Clarifications to the preamble of sections 4 and 5 closed davidhassell defect medium
#101 Correct error in introductory text of Section 4.4 -- definition of 'year' new defect medium
#102 Request for two additional cell_methods closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#103 Corrections to Appendices A and H closed davidhassell defect medium
#104 Clarify the interpretation of scalar coordinate variables closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#105 Scalar Coordinates closed enhancement medium
#106 aneed additional area_types closed enhancement medium
#107 CF Data Model 1.7 new task medium
#108 Defining a domain for a cell_method new enhancement medium
#109 resolve inconsistency of positive and standard_name attributes closed davidhassell defect medium
#110 test new installation closed defect medium
#111 New web site closed defect medium
#112 create FAQ seed document for CF conventions closed graybeal enhancement medium
#113 Review of CF feature types assigned enhancement medium
#114 CF checker incorrectly complains about scale_factor of same type as variable. closed defect medium
#115 add CF-SWEET updated mappings document, as appropriate new enhancement medium
#116 remove AMIP and PCMDI codes new task medium
#117 add example to 5.7 for multi-time dimension data new enhancement medium
#118 Add an attribute in Appendix F to identify the geoid or other geopotential datum closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#119 test new Trac site closed defect medium
#123 clarification of "difference sources" in Section 3.3 closed davidhassell defect medium
#138 Clarification of false_easting / false_northing closed davidhassell defect medium
#139 Update to conformance document: standard_names of area_type & region closed davidhassell defect medium
#140 Clarifying the role of attributes on boundary variables. closed enhancement medium
#141 Amend affiliation of one of the original authors closed defect medium
#142 Coordinate Type: Ensemble new enhancement medium
#143 Supplement the definitions of dimensionless vertical coordinates closed davidhassell task medium
#144 Subconvention for associated files, proposed for use in CMIP6 closed enhancement medium
#145 Subconvention for associated files, proposed for use in CMIP6 closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#146 Decisions by the CF conventions committee about management of versions of CF closed task medium
#147 clarification of standard and correction of conformance doc: formula_terms closed defect high
#148 New cell_methods: mabs/mibs/mebs closed davidhassell enhancement medium
#149 correction of standard name in example 7.3 closed davidhassell defect medium
#150 Clarification of use of standard region names in "region" variables. closed enhancement medium
#151 Clarification of use of standard region names in "region" variables. new enhancement medium
#152 Time mean over area fractions which vary with time new enhancement medium
#153 Requirements related to specific standard names new enhancement medium
#154 Machine Readable Standardised Region List new task medium
#155 Invalid "id" values in CF Standard Name aliasses new defect low
#156 Extension to external_variables Syntax for Masks and Area Fractions new enhancement medium
#157 Clarification to Section 2.3 - Naming Conventions new defect medium
#158 data_type=char|string closed enhancement medium
#159 charset attribute closed enhancement medium
#160 Proposal to use GitHub instead of trac new task medium
#161 h.2 name_strlen new markh defect medium
#162 OGC WKT-CRS reference new defect high
#163 Bibliography Entry OGP-EPSG_GN7_2 new defect medium
#164 Simple Geometries in CF new enhancement medium
#165 missing value incorrectly allowed in examples of time coordinate new defect medium
#166 Add new integer types to CF new enhancement medium
#167 Use of valid_range to indicate unsigned integers assigned Dave.Allured enhancement medium
#168 Addition of grid mapping for radar and lidar data in radial coordinates new enhancement medium
#169 Add support for complex numbers to CF new enhancement high
#170 Unlimited dimension should be listed as first variable dimension in Example H.2 CDL new defect medium
#171 Reference UGRID and SGRID conventions in CF new enhancement medium
#172 Inaccurate statement in "OGC WKT Coordinate System Issues" page new defect medium
#173 clarify the dimensions of ancillary variables new defect medium
#174 test reopened enhancement low Website Transition
#175 Add support for variables of type string new enhancement medium
#176 Add support for attributes of type string new enhancement medium