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Upgrade CF checker to CF-1.4

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Add the following checks for CF-1.4

5.6 Grid Mappings and Projects
Additional valid values of grid_mapping_name are:


7.3 Cell Methods

  • The type of the cell_methods attribute is a string whose value is one or more blank separated word lists, each with the form
    dim1: [dim2: [dim3: ...]] method [where type1 [over type2]] [within|over days|years] [(comment)]
    where brackets indicate optional words. The valid values for dim1 [dim2 [dim3 ...] ] are the names of dimensions of the data variable, names of scalar coordinate variables of the data variable, valid standard names, or the word area. The valid values of method are contained in Appendix E. The valid values for type1 are the name of a string-valued auxiliary or scalar coordinate variable with a standard_name of area_type, or any string value allowed for a variable of standard_name of area_type. If type2 is a string-valued auxiliary coordinate variable, it is not allowed to have a leading dimension (the number of strings) of more than one. When the method refers to a climatological time axis, the suffixes for within and over may be appended.


  • If a data variable has any dimensions or scalar coordinate variables referring to horizontal, vertical or time dimensions, it should have a cell_methods attribute with an entry for each of these spatiotemporal dimensions or scalar coordinate variables. (The horizontal dimensions may be covered by an area entry.)
  • Except for entries whose cell method is point, all numeric coordinate variables and scalar coordinate variables named by cell_methods should have bounds or climatology attributes.

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Details of the convention changes for CF-1.4 are in tickets #17 and #34

Inadvertantly left out the modification to Labels.

The label variable can now have one or two dimensions.

6.1 Labels

  • A variable of character type that is named by a coordinates attribute is a label variable. This variable must have one or two dimensions. The trailing (CDL order) or sole dimension is for the maximum string length. If there are two dimensions, leading dimension (CDL order) must match one of those of the data variable.

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CF-1.4 checks implemented at r99 except the first recommendation that if a data variable has any dimensions or scalar coordinate variables referring to horizontal, vertical or time dimensions, it should have a cell_methods attribute. This is more complicated to implement and will be incorporated in phase2.

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Ooops! That should be "implmented in changesets r97 to r99"

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This ticket was completed and should have been closed ages ago.

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