Revision History
14 June 2004

1 July 2004

  1. Section 5.7, “Scalar Coordinate Variables”: Added note that use of scalar coordinate variables inhibits interoperability with COARDS conforming applications.

  2. Example 5.12, “Multiple forecasts from a single analysis”: Added positive attribute to the scalar coordinate p500 to make it unambiguous that the pressure is a vertical coordinate value.

20 September 2004

  1. Section 7.3, “Cell Methods”: Changed several incorrect occurances of the cell method "standard deviation" to "standard_deviation".

22 October 2004

25 November 2005

  1. the section called “ Atmosphere hybrid height coordinate ”: Fixed definition of atmosphere hybrid height coordinate.

21 March 2006

17 January 2008

  1. Preface: Changed text to refer to rules of CF governance, and provisional status.

  2. Chapter 4, Coordinate Types , Chapter 5, Coordinate Systems: Made changes regarding use of the axis attribute to identify horizontal coordinate variables.

  3. Changed document version to 1.1.

4 May 2008

  1. Section 5.6, “Grid Mappings and ProjectionsHorizontal Coordinate Reference Systems, Grid Mappings, and Projections, Appendix F, Grid Mappings : Additions and revisions to CF grid mapping attributes to support the specification of coordinate reference system properties (Trac ticket #18).

  2. Table 3.1, “Supported Units” : Corrected Prefix for Factor "1e-2" from "deci" to "centi". (Trac ticket #25).

  3. Changed document version to 1.2.

15 July 2008

  1. Section 3.5, “Flags”, Appendix A, Attributes, Appendix C, Standard Name Modifiers : Enhanced the Flags definition to support bit field notation using a flag_masks attribute. (Trac ticket #26).

  2. Changed document version to 1.3.

9 October 2008

7 November 2008

  1. Fixed defect in wording of Chapter 5, Coordinate Systems. (Trac ticket #35).

  2. Fixed defect related to subsection headings in Appendix D, Dimensionless Vertical Coordinates. (Trac ticket #36).

10 December 2008

  1. Changes related to removing ambiguity in Section 7.3, “Cell Methods”. (Trac ticket #17).

  2. Changed document version to 1.4.

11 December 2008

  1. Added grid mappings Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area, Mercator, and Orthographic to Appendix F, Grid Mappings. (Trac ticket #34).

12 December 2008

  1. Fixed defect in Mercator section of Appendix F, Grid Mappings by updating to version 12 of Grid Map Names (see

27 February 2009

  1. Fixed defect by clarifying that coordinates indicate gridpoint location in Chapter 4, Coordinate Types . (Trac ticket #44).

  2. Fixed defect of outdated Conventions attribute. (Trac ticket #45).

25 October 2010

Minor revisions requested by Jonathan Gregory. Revisions 33 and 49 were closed after discussions; the rest had elicited no objections.

  1. Ticket 33, cell_methods for statistical indices

  2. Ticket 49, clarification of flag_meanings attribute

  3. Ticket 58, remove deprecation of "missing_value" attribute

  4. Ticket 57, fix for broken URLs in CF Conventions document

  5. Ticket 56, typo in CF conventions doc

  6. Ticket 51, syntax consistency for dimensionless vertical coordinate definitions

  7. Ticket 47, error in example 7.4

  8. Changed document version to 1.5.

  9. New chapter, ticket 37 Changed document version to 1.6.

22 June 2011

Ticket 37. Added Chapter 9, Discrete Sampling Geometries, and a related Appendix H, and revised several other chapters.

5 December 2011

In Appendix H (Annotated Examples of Descrete Geometries), updated standard names "station_description" and "station_wmo_id" to "platform_name" and "platform_id".

3 October 2013

Ticket 69. Added Section 5.6.1, Use of the CRS Well-known Text Format and related changes, Ticket 93, a minor correction to Section 7.3, and Ticket 65, a range entry in Apendix E.

12 November 2013

Ticket 61. Added two cell methods to Appendix E.

28 March 2014

Added John Graybeal to the authors list. N.B. That was a mistake! Jonathan Gregory didn't ask that he go here, he asked that he be added to the CF Conventions and standard names committees (that does not mean the authors list and does not mean the governance panel). c.f. today's emails. Once I do this, I should undo this document change. (I don't have access to that part of the web site today.).

7 January 2015

Ticket 93. Added two new dimensionless coordinates to Appendix D.