Rules for Correcting Errors in CF Documents

These rules apply to the CF conventions document, the conformance document, the standard name table and its guidelines.

Errors in these documents can be corrected under these rules if it is clear that the text as it stands isn’t what was agreed, because of a typographical or some other error. These rules can’t be followed for making substantive changes. Errors in the standard names can alternatively be pointed out on the CF email list, and implemented by the manager of CF standard names (Alison) as part of a regular update.

If someone thinks there is an error in a document, they should open a github issue of type “defect” to point it out and to state what should be done to the text in order to correct the error. A corresponding github pull request can also be submitted in addition to the issue.

The correction is held to have been agreed if three weeks pass without anyone disagreeing with it. After that period, the issue should be closed by the manager of the CF conventions or the manager of CF standard names, who will make the change and/or merge the pull request. No moderator is needed because there cannot be any substantive discussion under these rules.

If anyone disagrees that the correction should be made, because they think the document does have the intended meaning, then a correction cannot be made by these rules, the issue should be closed, and the change should be proposed as an enhancement instead, following the rules for making changes to the CF standard, if the proposer wants to pursue the issue.

These rules were agreed under github issue #130.