Appendix G. Revision History

Revision History
14 June 2004

  1. Added Example F.3, “Lambert azimuthal equal area”.

  2. Example F.5, “Polar stereographic”: Added latitude_of_projection_origin map parameter.

1 July 2004

  1. Section 5.7, “Scalar Coordinate Variables”: Added note that use of scalar coordinate variables inhibits interoperability with COARDS conforming applications.

  2. Example 5.8, “Multiple forecasts from a single analysis”: Added positive attribute to the scalar coordinate p500 to make it unambiguous that the pressure is a vertical coordinate value.

20 September 2004

  1. Section 7.3, “Cell Methods”: Changed several incorrect occurances of the cell method "standard deviation" to "standard_deviation".

22 October 2004

25 November 2005

  1. Example D.4, “ Atmosphere hybrid height coordinate ”: Fixed definition of atmosphere hybrid height coordinate.

21 March 2006